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JOB at VCPL is excellent for those with a good value system. It has all ingredients which give you respect, stability & status in the society.

With growing years the job at VCPL takes care of all the basic needs for a good and respectable life.

Today coaching has become a very big industry and the best brains in the country aspire to work for this industry. VCPL is proud to be a part of this movement.

We are looking for people who have an excellent attitude, perseverance and a penchant to work in an environment charged with excellence and driven by values. We are on the lookout for the people, who know that they just need to chase excellence, work for pleasure & satisfaction and success & rewards are theirs for the taking.

There is a general perception that teaching for IIT-JEE is a tough task. We disagree on that count – training for IIT-JEE is different in approach but not difficult. It is a beautiful science.

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