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One Year Programme for IIT-JEE/MEDICAL, 2019-2020
VIDWAN One year Special Classroom programhas been designed for those students of class XI going to XII who could not join VIDWAN's Two year Classroom Program for some reasons.This program is suitable for only those students who can cope up well with both IIT-JEE/MEDICAL training and school studies.This course commences from 3rd week of March and will continue till April next year.During this period only IIT-JEE/MEDICAL syllabus will be completed.The class will be held 4 to 5 days a week.Entire IIT-JEE/MEDICAL syllabus of XI and XII will be covered.

One Year Programme for Dropper IIT-JEE/MEDICAL, 2019-2020
This classroom program especially designed for those who couldn't make into IIT-JEE/MEDICAL in their first attempt.The Course commences in the mid of June & continues till April next year.This course is for those students who have passed XII & wish to succeed in the entrance examinations.In this Course period both XI and XII IIT-JEE/MEDICAL syllabus will be discussed from the point of view of IIT/MEDICAL joint Entrance Examinations. Classes will be held 5 days a week for(4 1/2 hrs. Daily).The Classes will be held in the morning session.The entire course will be completed in due time

Two Year Programme for IIT-JEE/MEDICAL, 2019-2021
This Corse will start from the second week of April and continue till February next year.This course is aimed for building a strong foundation through vital basic concepts,analytical and scuientific approach.The classes will be held 3 to 4 days a week.Study material & Daily Practice prblems (DPPs) & Question Bank will be provided to the students,whichn will help them in understanding basic concepts & their applications.

Pre-Foundation Programme for IIT-JEE,/ Medical,NTSE,JMO,RMO,INMO & Other Olympiads.
This program is designed for students in Class IX/X who wants to see him/her exclusively is an IIT-JEE/MEDICAL syllabus.After this course the students may not find any difficulty in the tough level preparation in XI/XII.A student who focuses his/her aim from the very beginning to be an IITian/Doctors will get great advantage of this course.This program has taken great response in other big cities of India.

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